Correcting Dyslexia - Solutions with NLP

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Published: 23rd May 2013
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If your child is having problems in school with reading, writing or spelling, a lot of schools will ask that you take your child to an educational psychologist for an evaluation.

After the assessment you will receive an in depth report with the results and in most cases a diagnosis might have a name for example dyslexia, mild dyslexia, auditory processing deficit or another label.

These assessments are important to ascertain where your son or daughter currently stands in comparison with their classmates, recognise where the difficulties are and eliminate more severe factors if you have some worries.
With respect to providing you with solutions to whatever your son or daughters challenges are this varies from nothing at all some rudimentary recommendations on the direction to go next.

In this article:

- The flaws in the learning differences assessment approach

- What Ive uncovered using NLP

- Solutions employing NLP

Precisely what the Assessments are missing

It is my opinion, though useful for the reasons stated previously, a learning difficulties evaluation comes with a number of flaws which need to be sorted out:

1) These kinds of evaluations are based on the medical model of analyzing signs and symptoms and diagnosis. These are typically looking at the visible results on the outside rather than at the thinking process happening internally.

2) Theres an underpinning belief that whenever a child is having difficulties greatly with reading, spelling, literacy there may be something wrong neurologically.

3)The evaluations are searhing for what is wrong. As Richard Bandler the founder of NLP often points out. When you are looking for whats wrong, you will definitely find it. When you look for solutions and what works, youre going to find that to.

4) A child that has been told they are Dyslexic can often build up limiting beliefs about themselves which often can (not always) make things worse.

A Completely New Look into Dyslexia with NLP

Ok enough of me ranting regarding what I think is wrong with the current procedure. Lets shift now to an entirely different way of thinking about Dyslexia from my own personal NLP standpoint.

For starters, what are the issues linked to the label Dyslexia. Normally Dyslexia is related to troubles with: understanding the alphabet, reading distortions, reversing letters, spelling, writing. Im going to concentrate in this article on reading distortions.

Precisely what are reading distortions?

Here is the classic dyslexia symptom. An individual will report that the words are shifting on the page, merging, or leaping up while they read. Words may appear or disappear completely.

What exactly is a visual distortion?

So, just how can this possibly be ? How could words shift on the page ? If youre familiar at all with NLP or Hypnosis you may have been told about a visual hallucination distortion. This occurs when you see something that isnt there (positive hallucination) or you dont see something that is there (negative hallucination).

It works similar to this:

While youre looking at a physical object youre not directly seeing it. The light from the object hits your retina which sends the information to the brain. The brain then translates the data and creates an image. Your brain is able to modify the picture, if it gets confused, it will fill in what it thinks should really be there.

Exactly the same thing can take place with sound (auditory hallucination / distortion)

How I discovered my Dyslexia Correction Method from a height phobic !

While my so called Dyslexic pupils were reading and reporting to me that many of the words were shifting on the page. I recognized it as a visual distortion / hallucination and I realized that it was much like a person who has a fear of heights.

Id worked with numerous height phobics who would feel nauseous even when they imagined looking from a high place. And So I questioned them. When youre looking over that 5 story balcony, what happens??

They informed me that everything sways, moves or shrinks down abruptly. Of course theres nothing moving or swaying its just a visual distortion and thats what was causing the sick feeling.

With this particular style of fear that includes a visual distortion ingredient I personally use an NLP procedure known as a swish pattern which re teaches the brain to create a different response and its a very common method in NLP. This technique is repeated about 10 times or so to condition a new reaction. Now, when the person looks over the edge there is not any visual distortion and consequently no sick feeling or anxiety about heights.

I merely tried the exact same thing with my students, I used the NLP swish pattern to stop the reading distortions and it worked !! and it has been working with 95% of dyslexic readers Ive seen over the past several years.

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